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frenzy babysitter 2 Frenzy Babysitter 2
Lisa and her Funny Games Team have been making a lot of improvements on the baby care center with the latest in baby care technology. Take care for all the little babies once their mom or dad leaves the place! Teach, play and feed the littles ones. Earn stars,upgrade and decorate the place and much more. Have fun!

diner chef 4 Diner Chef 4
After a long and intensive period of preparation and refining the recipes, he is back: the dinner chef! With a brand new restaurant adventure full of delights, soup and money. Play this happy game with your touchscreen or mouse. This fourth installment of the game is also available in the app store, check it out for a cool mobile game experience!

frenzy living Frenzy Living
Funny SIM game spinoff from the Frenzy Series. Follow Lisa or her friends. Relax, sleep, eat and take care of the neighbors who occasionally come to visit! Arrange a job and try keeping it, learn skills by reading, watch tv, play games, relax, work, sleep, wash and much more.

frenzy airport 2 Frenzy Airport 2
Manage a busy airport. The airport has been growing rapidly and now Lisa is searching for help to run the famous airport once again. More counters, passengers and luggage then ever Everyone is getting to their destination thanks to your care. Have fun!

raspberry eclairs Raspberry Eclairs
A free to play and easy cooking game. Make your own funny mini raspberry eclairs are filled with a whipped raspberry pastry cream, and topped with chocolate.

frenzy bakery Frenzy Bakery
Frenzy bakery is funny game with easy drag and drop interaction. In this frenzy game your goal is to help Lisa and her management team (Matt, Elly and Sarah) to build up a new bakery business. Give all customers the items they want, buy upgrades for the store and earn to place your name on the high score list.

zombie dozen Zombie Dozen
Red chinese invading zombies are trying to break through the wall. In this fun zombie game you have to keep the wall strong. Shoot the countless waves of zombies down before they reach the city. Collect coins to upgrade your weapons, armor and make other special improvements to your defenses.

lemon raspberry cake Lemon Raspberry Cake
The fun of making a juicy red raspberry cake with yellow lemony filling. Its fun, easy and you can do it by yourself. Play this free to play online kithcen game and the onscreen instructions will guide you through the recipe, step by step!

baby pig salon Baby Pig Salon
This is a funny animal care game about caring for a baby piglet. Use various tools, items and other accessories to complete the baby pig salon challenge!

sausage meatball pasta Sausage Meatball Pasta
A free meatball cooking simulation game that learns you how to make sausage meatball pasta yourself. Follow the instructions and keep adding the ingredients as suggested to get this done under 2 minutes!

frenzy casino Frenzy Casino
With so many successful Frenzy companies already this casino has to become a smashing hit! Help Lisa and her management crew to build and run the biggest casino ever. Frenzy Casino is a free-to-play simulation game, part of the popular Frenzy series.

pet rescue chopper Pet Rescue Chopper
Alert alert! helpless animals in town need your attention! Get in the chopper and dearch and rescue the animals in need to complete the pet rescue chopper challenge. Join the pet rescue team in this medical game. Fly the red chopper, rescue pets and care for the pets at chopper base.

baby zoo tropical Baby Zoo Tropical
The popular baby zoo game serie is back with a bird episode. Feed, water and clean the animals. Care for the rare birds by bringing the needed items. Play cute mini games to solve their problems!

monster frontier Monster Frontier
Become the monster trainer of Tyrex, a mighty and famous space monster. Train him, equip him and fight in the many arenas for fame and victory! A cool and free monster trainer game developed by the creator of Monster Arena.

make chilli chicken Make Chilli Chicken
Learn with ease how to make chilli chicken by playing this fun and free cooking game. It is a restaurant served chinese style chicken starter or appetizer popular across the globe.

baby zoo jurassic Baby Zoo Jurassic
Baby Zoo Jurassic is a famous tourist attraction and you are lucky to be part of that team. Help caretaker Lulu to give every dinosaur in the Baby Zoo Jurassic park it's needed water, food and care. You are going to click on the red buttons to steer the way of your avatar.

baby hedgehog salon Baby Hedgehog Salon
This baby hedgehog got really dirty! In this funny animal care game you have to wash, brush and dress him up. Make baby hedgehog happy again to win the game!

cute puppy salon Cute Puppy Salon
Give this cute puppy all your love and affection by playing this small salon game for girls. Use different tools, products and dog outfits.

asgard story Asgard Story
A random adventure of Edgard the viking and his friends. The asgard kingdom is harassed by orcs and trolls showing up out of nothing. Team up with an archer and sorceress to complete a epic quest; saving the kingdom. Buy items and upgrades, learn new skills and stats, camp in the woods and fight your way to victory!

baby zoo kalahari Baby Zoo Kalahari
Help outcaretaker Lulu to keep the desert baby animals happy. The baby lion, zebra and giarffe are in need of good cleaning, water and food. Solve various problems that the animals have like dental care, a splinter and a sore neck in the fun mini games!

baby zoo pole Baby Zoo Pole
Baby Zoo caretaker Lulu has dressed up warm! Its a cold day and she must take care of the baby seal, penguin and polar bear. A fun and easy to play animal management game packed with funny mini games. Can you help her out?

hazelnut praline cake Hazelnut Praline Cake
In this game you can ,ake Chocolate and hazelnut praline cake; a crunchy , delectable and sweet chocolate and hazelnut praline cake recipe that will get your taste buds buzzing!

baby elephant salon Baby Elephant Salon
Baby Elephant Salon got lost in the jungle and now he is all dirty. Follow the instructions step by step and make this cute elephant baby look flawlessly beautiful. Hopefully his mother is found soon!

frenzy cruise Frenzy Cruise
Welcome aboard the biggest cruise on the ocean and this luxurious private cruise boat is owned by Lisa and her team. Help Lisa to welcome the guests, serving them with all their needs. Get ready to take off! Part of the popular frenzy game series.

shop empire 3 Shop Empire 3
Create your own medieval shopping mall in this fun pixel tycoon game packed with a lot of features, shops, boots and staff management. Use your mouse to play this totally free to simulation game. Not available for mobile devices.

my cool wedding My Cool Wedding
This bride and groom are depending on your design skills. Create a cool wedding using the latest in wedding fashion and exclusive items. Have fun playing this one click button dress up game.

frenzy christmas Frenzy Christmas
Help the temporarily formed duo Lisa & Santa to give all the presents to the kids. Use the left mouse button in combination with some easy drag and drop commands. Have fun and try to complete this small, but fun, frenzy christmas challenge!

baby monkey salon Baby Monkey Salon
Funny animal care game. Give the baby monkey all your care to complete the animal monkey salon challenge. The banana will point to the next item.

beautiful earcuffs Beautiful Earcuffs
Creative game that allows you to produce your own exclusive ear jewelry designs. Deep factory experience through combinations of color, shape and add multiple layers. Let a real fashikon model show off your creations in view mode. Everything is possible and makeable in this free to play workshop game.

make chocolate muffins Make Chocolate Muffins
This funny cooking game will challenge you to find the ingredients, and put them together, in order to make a delicious chocolate muffin. Or make a whole bunch for the entire family. Search the cabinets and follow the recipe instructions to complete the chocolate muffin challenge. Learn to cook online, it's a lot of fun!

fluffy hamster salon Fluffy Hamster Salon
This little hamster needs your loving care. The animal rescue salon has decided to give this hamster a special treatment. Get involved in the game and use various tools and items to complete this fun caring game. Use the mouse to play.

baby lion salon Baby Lion Salon
In this funny animal care game you need to take care of this small baby lion; making sure he is happy and healthy. The animal salon selected this young lion because his father died during a stampede. A very sad accident that changed the life of this baby lion forever. Provide special care to give this lion a new life.

baby zoo koala Baby Zoo Koala
Help caretaker Lulu to do the daily chores. The baby koala, lizard and kangeroo live in this part of the zoo. Bring food and water to the animals. Clean the cages. And have fun playing the three funny mini games!

happy mart Happy Mart
Manage the happy mart; a funny pixel supermarket that runs 24-hour a day! Buy stock, manage your staff, take care of stokc pricing, watch the news and earn money to upgrade your mart bigger and better! Free to play!

frenzy school Frenzy School
Help Lisa and her team to manage the frenzy school. Teach kids how they can setup and maintain their own frenzy retail and businesses. Reach the goals, play easy, upgrade the school and earn enough money to stay in business.

the ice beauty The Ice Beauty
It's winter and the perfect time to find a nice and warm outfit for Frozen ice queen Elsa. An outfor that will keep her ice beauty warm, yet looking amazing and beautiful. Tbis game has typical button controls. Use the buttons to make quick and easy combinations.

baby mom dressup Baby Mom Dressup
In this free and funny dress up game you need to create a cute, opposite or matching outfit for both the mother and her little baby.

blast rider Blast Rider
Hi speed biking game where you can destroy your enemies and earn bonus points. Perform crazy stunts to reach the minimum score specified for each level to progress. Collect money to buy new bikes, use nitro for more speed.

frenzy mart Frenzy Mart
Help Lisa to attend the frenzy mart and complete her frenzy mart challenge. Simply drag the customers to the products they want to buy and cash them out when they are done. Earn big improvements for the mart to make it bigger and better!

not alone Not Alone
Solve all levels and reach the exit by using (and timing) your clones perfectly. Each clone has a limited lifetime. Figure out how to create a moment in space and time, that enables you to reach the exit. A free to play, small and addictive puzzle platformer.

strawberry swiss roll Strawberry Swiss Roll
Learn how to preare your own strawberry swiss roll by playing this online cooking game in your flash enabled web browser or mobile device. Add the ingredients and use the tools as indicated on the screen. Much fun!

baby zoo panda Baby Zoo Panda
Baby Zoo is a fun and easy to play management game. Help caretakes Lulu to take good care of the panda, puppy and the hippo! Keep their places clean, feed them with their favorite vegetables and water. Give the animals medical and special attention when needed.

anns restaurant Anns Restaurant
Welcome to Annīs cozy online restaurant. Assist Ann by playing this online mangement game. Welcome the customers and serve all orders to earn big improvements for the restaurant.

beautiful tiara Beautiful Tiara
Creative gameplay let's you put together your own designed tiara. Pick a base shape and add layers, colors and decorations. Let the girl show off your work to make her feel like a little princess! Have fun.

frenzy gas station Frenzy Gas Station
Service all the cars and earn your daily goals. Use the money to upgrade and unlock big improvements. See the frenzy gas station grow bigger and better with more fuel tanks, shops, services and even a restaurant. Easy controls make this simulation game great to to play during school or work.

spy bear Nail Angel
There are lots of nail polish products nowadays. This nail angel is an expert at nail decoration with lots of new ideas about nail polish design. Play this online nail styling game to create new samples an creations, all you have to do is click on the colors, products, items, clothes and hairstyles to create the perfect appearance.

spy bear Spy Bear
Spy bear is ready for action! The greatest secret animal agent in the world! Use physics, ricochets, guns and ofcourse some heavy explosives to solve puzzles and defeat your enemies!

frenzy animal clinic Frenzy Animal Clinic
Help Lisa to make all the sick animals and their owners at ease. Guide the animals to the right doctor so everyone can leave the clinic in good health. Make sure to reach the daily goals to unlock big upgrades for the hospital. A fun and easy to play management game.

cute_bear_salon Cute Bear Salon
Wash, clean, dress and cuddles the cutest bear you ever saw! Style this bear the way you want to because it sure is fun to dress up teddy! Play using the mouse.

frenzy_pizza Frenzy Pizza
Manage a real online pizzeria and receive the guests, take the orders and to manage the kitchen. This restaurant also provides pickup and deliveries! It's going to be busy so make sure all the customers are properly served, reach daily goals, earn money and unlock big upgrades for the restaurant.

kitty_kibbles Kitty Kibbles
In this funny physics game you have to help the Kitty get his Kibbles! Use the bumps, ride the fans, pop balloons, poke bubbles, avoid traps and use your wits to claw though all 30 levels in this physics puzzler!

cat and me Cat And Me
Create a perfect match or the complete opposite appearance for this cat pet and her lucky owner. In the game you can create various hairstyles, outfits and nail polish layouts for both. Show your love for pets!

freegear z Freegear Z
The future of automobile racing. Take the control of a new participant in the Freegear Tournament. You must race your way through four tournaments, each featuring four races taking place on abandoned highways all around the world.

baby puppy salon Baby Puppy Salon
This adorable puppy with a shiny golden fur needs a lot of care and attention. Wash, dry and clean. Cut the nails and make this lucky puppy look beautiful!

prepare for shopping Prepare For Shopping
Get this girl ready for a wild and crazy shopping spree in town! First start with a beauty mask, wash and hair treartment, polish her nails and finish with a cool outfit.

beautiful earrings 2 Beautiful Earrings 2
Design and fullu make your own jewelry in this free online workshop flash game. Use your mouse to select and add the items. Be creative and ake amazing and beautiful results!

the zombie show The Zombie Show
Are you ready to be the contestant of the Zombie Show? In this fun zombie game you need to use and deploy various machines, traps and other objects to take them all out. A fun and easy to play physics game.

shop empire rampage Shop Empire Rampage
Help all the dismissed employees and band together to take down the popular pixel shopping malls. Lead the trike and deploy and activate your units to destroy different stores! A fun and easy to play Shop Empire spinoff flash game.

chocolate hazelnut_buns Chocolate Hazelnut Buns
Make some delicious chocolate buns with hazelnut in this easy to play cooking game. The best thing is that all fundamentals of the ingredient such as the ingredients and the kitchen apparatus are already there, it's just up to you to play and put everything together in the correct order!

fashion princess Fashion Princess
Try to dress up the fashion princess. Use different color make up tools, haitstyling tools and clothes to make a royal look. Work as best as you can because she is very picky!

baby kitty salon Baby Kitty Salon
This baby kitty needs your love. Wash, clean, manicure and brush her teeth to make her look adorable. Finish with a good grooming sessio. If you like cats, or simply love cats, then took a look at this funny cat care game.

hospital frenzy 3 Hospital Frenzy 3
Manage and run the most famous online hospital. Answer phone calls. Handle the stream of patients, ambulances and helicopters. Treat everyone to good health and unlock fancy upgrades for the hospital!

super star sisters Super Star Sisters
Two singing sisters on the edge of breaking through on the international hitlist! Provide them with various hairstyling, makeup and accessories to create an unforgettable appearance.

desert rage rider Desert Rage Rider
Eat some dust and drive your hard-power motor bike through the airy desert. Avoid obstacles on your way reach the other side of each level to win. Upgrade your bike or buy a better one, ride as never before in this free online race game!

make chocolate cheesecake Make Chocolate Cheesecake
In this special cooking game you need to find the ingredients, and put them all together, to create your own funny chocolate cheesecake. Delicious and fun gameplay.

paint over Paint Over
A fun puzzle game build out of 2 simple ideas; painting and collecting keys. Your objective is unlock and reach the exit without falling through any of the platforms. Much fun!

beautiful bracelets Beautiful Bracelets
In this game you will be able to create own bracelets designs with a few clicks of the mouse! Pick the beads you like to embed into the bracelet, pick a color and merge all elements together.

pillow city Pillow City
A normal office day turns into a zombie apocalypse. Your mission is to help Hiro, a normal office employee, to escape from Pillow town. Find his little sister and try to escape from this godforsaken town.

squash pancetta soup Squash Pancetta Soup
Prepare your own squash soup with delcious pancettas. Blend and mix all the ingredients together to make a wonderful meal. Use your mouse to add the ingredients and to pickup and use the kitchen tools.

winter zombie invasion Winter Zombie Invasion
The winter zombies are invading! Even this cold and windy season is not stopping the undead creatures. Fight back with only your snowballs, hit various objects to take all the zombies out. Much fun.

maxim race Maxim Race
Become the biggest maxim racer ever by driving your machine over rough terrains, big ramps and bumpy roads. Reach the other side of each level and master all 10 tracks this free bike racing game has to offer.

pronto bella pancetta Pronto Bella Pancetta
In this cooking game you learn how to make pancetta with pronto style. The game will give you detailed instructions what ingredients and tools to use next.

sweet miss salon Sweet Miss Salon
A fun and complete beauty and wellness game. Give the sweet miss a complete treatment including face mask, back rub, magnetic stones, make up and new clothes.

bobby aboard Bobby Aboard
Bobby got stuck on his latest exploration trip. Because of his blob body without legs you have to use his telekinetic powers to get back. Interact with other objects inside each level to make it back to the cab.

extreme bike stunts Extreme Bike Stunts
Drive your bike of hard motor power like a biking pro and perform crazy stunts. Collect coins to earn money. Buy and upgrade new bikes to perform more stunts. Unlock all the levels to become a stunt master.

frenzy airport Frenzy Airport
In this funny airport simulation game you need to help all the visitors of the airport. Take their luggage and check it in. Accompany the travelers during their stay at the airport until their aircraft is ready for departure.

green liquid Green Liquid
Help this artificial created green blob alien bob to escape from the factory that created him. The only problem: he has no legs! Use his special telekinetic powers to interact with objects. This way he can create the path to freedom.

blast pit Blast Pit
Entertaining game in which the player must protect a group of people against murderous knights. Place various types of turrets on strategic points to prevent a complete massacre.

tiny defender Tiny Defender
Huge giant monsters invaded the tiny planet. But the tiny defenders are not easily overpower despite their size! Fight off the giant monsters with all kind of weapon technology. Upgrade the wall and your gear to stand strong.

beautiful collars Beautiful Collars
Create exclusive collars in this funny workshop. Design a multi-layered creation (up to 3 layers max) with expensive types of gems. A big final gemstone on the bottom will seal every new collar. Watch a model trying out your creations.

dress up hilary rhoda Dress Up Hilary Rhoda
Hilary Rhoda is a celebrity who needs a special appearance on hew new movie. With you advice and personal touch this should be easy!

sheriff lombardooo Sheriff Lombardooo
Pickup your trusty revolvers and become mighty sheriff Lombardooo. His mission is to protect the bank from naughty bandits. Repel all 15 waves, each with 4 unique unlockable weapons and 16 upgradable skills. Train your trigger fingers to unlock all 40 achievements!

beautiful earrings Beautiful Earrings
Grab your hammer, metal and beautiful diamonds, it's time to get to work! In this creative game you craft your own set of beautiful earrings. Wrought iron, attach the gems and carefully construct your creations to a set of ear accessories. Let the model show off your work to get an impression of the looks.

flying chop Flying Chops
Help this flying piglet to fight for piggy rights together with super flying chop. Avoid dangerous object, collect balloons, free the piggies and destroy all pig butchers armed with jetpack and cleavers along the way. Collect acorns to buy new equipment that allow you to cover more meters and get to the top!

valthirian arc 2 Valthirian Arc 2
Great danger approaches the kingdom. Rebuilding the once mighty magic academy to resist those dark forces. Can you regain your magic powers and rebuild the academy? Train new students to knights and wizards and upgrade their skills. A detailed full version free game by agate studio.

heavy danger Heavy Danger
Guide 4 lost commandos through a difficult war situation and survive an angry onslaught of enemies. Heavy Danger is a top-down survival shoot em up game. Swap between 4 different soldiers and obtain better skills and weapons. Snipe, shoot rockets, and even drive a tank to dispatch enemies.

christmas restaurant Christmas Restaurant
Funny management game about managing the kitchen of a busy Christmas Restaurant. You work hard wile people enjoy the best Christmas meals. A fun game inside a restaurant that runs only once in a year. Earn money to unlock beautiful Christmas decorations.

masquerade Masquerade
Masquerade parties are obviously a bit weird but also exciting. Combine outfits and masks to create a mysterious appearance. Play this game and combine a unique look for a real masquerade gala. Use the mouse to play.

make chicken yakitori Make Chicken Yakitori
If you are looking to learn the Yakitori Chicken prepared on the grill you came to the right place. In this game you actually learn the recipe much faster by doing it. Rather then boring written recipes that make you confused and figuring it all out by yourself.

frantic sky Frantic Sky
Typical fast topdown shoot em up game with a lot of ship parts to upgrade. Collect gold to improve the weapons, armor, magnets and other parts of the ship. Repel enemy waves and blow up all their motherships to secure our planet.

valentine sweethearts Valentine Sweethearts
Play this game and join the sweethearts to celebrate valentine. Create a lovely, crazy, romantic, or just weird moment by combining outfits. Use the buttons or shuffle all nice together and take pictures.

frenzy babysitter Frenzy Babysitter
Lisa opened a baby daycare center because many mothers can not care for their babies in combination with their busy lives. In this fun game you have to take care of babies, so that they are returned to their mothers in good health.

blushing bride makeover Blushing Bride Makeover
Prepare Mary for the most important day of her life. Apply a beauty mask, make up and hairstyling. Pick a beautiful dress to make her wedding perfect.

panda restaurant 2 Panda Restaurant 2
Mr. Panda made a long trip to Japan were things are very tasty! Back home he opened his own Sushi restaurant with a robot waiter. Can you run the restaurant once again, there already so many hungry panda bears waiting..

tasty tasty cheesecake Tasty Tasty Cheesecake
Normal cheesecakes became kind of boring. The difference is all in the details and the recipe! By playing this game you make a mindblowing cheesecake using a secret and delicious recipe. Use the mouse to play.

thunderax 9k Thunderax 9k
Thunderax 9K is a fast paced, futuristic shoot em up. Pilot a lone starfighter and battle against an endless tide of enemies from across the galaxies. Fight your way across 9 unique levels, slay endl-level bosses, and upgrade your firepower.

glazier club Glazier Club
Create a collection of sunglasses with just a few simple mouse clicks. By combining various shape, color, glasses and decorations you can create an endless ammount of glasses for the glazier club.

chocolate bread pudding Chocolate Bread Pudding
The title of this gane us saying it all. Prepare a wonderful chocolate bread pudding in just a few steps by playing this game. A simply, funny and easy to play cooking game with the usual point and click approach.

zombie mart Zombie Mart
In this pixel super market simulation game you need to build the first mart for zombies; not the best customers by the way. Manage your stock, research and profits. Research new items and complete the quests to stay in business. Much fun.

baby mini dressup Baby Mini Dressup
Dress up an adorable little baby with new clothes, diaper, hairstyles and toys. The game has a simple point-and-click interface to play.

happy crepes Happy Crepes
Cater your hungry pancake loving customers with the finest and best crepes around in this fun and engaging flash game. Unlock new locations, tools, equipment and recipes to make the pancake business grow!

chocolate chip cookies Chocolate Chip Cookies
In this game you make your own chocolate chip cookies by shopping for the right ingredients and combining them according the recipe. The game has easy and initiative gameplay making cooking easy, smooth and a lot of fun.

panda restaurant Panda Restaurant
Serve all the (panda) customers with small cakes, snacks and drinks. Earn money and spend it on new upgrades, tools and recipes. Unlock all the levels to win the game.

tarsys balloons Tarsys Balloons
A funny balloon popping game with Tarsy the monkey. The objective is to drag and drop the balloons on a line to create the perfect chain reaction to pops all the balloons. Collect stars to earn additional points.

bracelet workshop Bracelet Workshop
Create your own collection of exclusive designed bracelets in this fun and free online game. Select the stones, shapes and colors your want to combine and discover your inner creativity. Much fun.

six oclock high Six Oclock High
A simple, fun but incredibly explosive aircraft game. Six Oclock High a side-on 2D shooter with super easy controls and unique style. The gameplay is survival-based driven by waves with increasingly difficult enemies. Blast all opponents out of the sky with lots of upgradable firepower that can be obtained from the interlevel shop.

egg 2 mom Egg 2 Mom
In this funny game you need to roll all the stolen eggs back to mommy dragon. Keep clicking on the things inside each level to remove, move or use things. Have fun!

nail master dressup Nail Master Dressup
Design a full outfit and match the colors of her nails to become a real nail master. Have fun playing this fun girl game that combines dressup with nail art.

pre civilization Pre Civilization
Create and lead your own tribe from first human-primates lived 4 million years ago to the first civilizations of Ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia. Develop your primitive encampment to a full city. Grow you population, manage your workers, research technologies. Build, evolve, fight and survive!

foot nail polish Foot Nail Polish
Finally a funny game that let's you make your own foot nail polish for the feet. Be creative and make various colors with glitters, patterns or stripes and combine them again on each individual nail for a fabulous result.

perfect pedicure Perfect Pedicure
In this game you wash, clean, polish and prepare the nails for a complete pedicure. Select colors and apply them on each individual toe nail. Complete by adding various accessories. The name is already giving it away; this is the perfect pedicure!

greed for coins Greed For Coins
Help this greedy monster to grab all those shiny coins! Remove, move, place, activate and use the items inside each level to collect all the coins. A fun and colorful puzzler with physic-driven objects.

frenzy salon Frenzy Salon
Help Lisa to run her new opened hairstyling salon. In this game you need to serve all the customers, making sure they leave happy and with the right haircut. Earn some money and spend it on new locations, upgrades and new tools.

italiano restaurano Italiano Restaurano
In the free online game Italiano Restaurano you need to serve all the customers with the finest Italian dishes. Order your stock, learn recipes, unlock better recipes and equipment and reach the daily goals to stay in business.

make chocolate eclairs Make Chocolate Eclairs
Create and serve mouthwatering chcolate eclairs for dessert or a special treat. In this small and fun online cooking flash game you can make 9 eclairs using pre-added ingredients and kitchen tools. Much fun.

make olive rolls Make Olive Rolls
In this fun online cooking game you turn black olives into an excellent side dish for a lunch party. Simply click on the next ingredient or tool to fulfill the recipe.

the friends escape The Friends Escape
Play alone or together with a friends in order to help the 2 lost aliens finding a way back home. In this fun puzzler you need to reach the exit by pushing switches, using elevators, jumping, controling doors, flipping the gravity and even rotate the entire level to create a way.

tales dress up dryad Tales Dress Up Dryad
Tales Dressup is a series of online dress up games. In this episode you can work with a Dryad using various make up, beauty, hair and fashion tools. Dryad creatures are rarely seen and this is probably a very rare moment in time. Much fun and suitable for all ages to play.

stunning hair styler Stunning Hair Styler
Stunning Hairstyler let's you recreate one of the three included hair models. Study the exmaple and work with scissor, colorscomb, dryer, and other tools to create an exact copy. Compare your work with pictures before and after. Much fun for everyone.

silly couple Silly Couple
This is a very silly couple on the beach. The objective of this dress up game is to change the appearance of both the boy and the girl with some silly clothes, accessories, clothes, shoes, hairstyles and more. Make some funny pictures with a random background.

delicious brioche Delicious Brioche
Learn the recipes to create light and airy brioches. A bun that is not really bread, but rather a cake. Play this fun girl game and create some special pastries yourself. A mouse or touchscreen is required to play. Much fun!

frenzy noodles Frenzy Noodles
Frenzy Noodles is a game about running and upgrading your noodle bar with the latest wok technology. Play all three locations adn unlock every upgrade for your wok to stay ahead of the noodles competion. Some cooking and timing skills are required to succeed.

critter kingdom Critter Kingdom
Create your own village and defend the critter kingdom from evil enemies. Build barracks, towers and gather coins to unlock new units. Buy new items, spells, skills and more from the traveling merchants. Are you ready to be a king?

glamor ring workshop Glamor Ring Workshop
This fun game let's you create an exclusive collection of glamorous rings. Build your own collection and be able to try and review your work as well. Fiddle with various combinations of shapes, materials and stones to create a set of rings.

guardians Guardians
In guardians you must enter the hidden and dangerous dungeons below the city to keep all residents safely live in harmony. Explore the city and a large stockpile of items like swords, shields, armors, helmets and many more.

hot crossed buns Hot Crossed Buns
The fun kitchen game Hot Crossed Buns is learning you how to prepare the simular named recipe. A sweet and tasty bun that can be easily recognized by the little cross on the top. All ingredients needed are pre-added on the table!

make me magnificent Make Me Magnificent
Make Me Magnificent is a small make over game that let you use various tools to turn an average looking girl into a magnificent fashion model. In this game you need to style the hair, apply make up en select beautiful clothes.

control craft modern Control Craft Modern
Control Craft Modern War is a action-driven strategy game that requires you to think quickly and to make the right tactical decisions on the right moment. Capture the bases and send out tank, helicopters and troops to attack enemy bases. Capture bunkers, turrets and anti aircraft guns to defend your land.

glorious hair styler Glorious Hair Styler
Glorious hairstyler is a small hairstyling flash game that learns you how to make a few different hairstyles. Pick a style you like and use various tools to curl, comb, cut, color and style the hair exactly as the example. Use a mouse or a touchscreen to play this girl hair game

questopia Questopia
Explore the unknown tombes of the Pyramid valley to unveil its great secrets and hidden treasures. However once trapped inside you will find out that you are not alone. Beat ancient evil with sword and magic to keep alive and explore this rich rpg packed with lots of items and enemies to slay.

super hair styler Super Hair Styler
In this fun game you need to wash and dry the hair and get ready to make one of the six different hairstyles. Apply colors and cruls to the locks and finish the design with the most outlandish style you can conjure up.

beast warriors Beast Warriors
Beast Warriors is a Dota-based strategy game driven on the story of a war between 2 beast clans. Move around on the battlefield and command your troops. Take out the enemy towers and castles while defending your own. Upgrade skills like hitpoints, attack speed and defense.

diner chef 3 Diner Chef 3
Help the popular game chef to build an outdoor restaurant business and serve all customers with a smile. Upgrade the restaurant, unlock upgrades and reach to unlock all 3 levels of the game. Use the mouse to play.

mini mons Mini Mons
Help the little mini mons to defeat the evil mini's from the three magical kingdoms in this peggle-alike flash game. Release the mini mons from the cannons to bounce all the evil creatures away inside each of the levels.

frenzy garage Frenzy Garage
Lisa is running a car shop and needs a little help to stay in business. Help her to run her garage and earn money to buy more upgrades for her car shop.

barber shop styler Barber Shop Styler
In Barber Shop styler you need to give all customers a complete hair treatment. Wash and dry the hair and continue to cut, curl or style the locks. Unlock more hair colors and cloths by re-playing several times. Mouse or touchscreen to play.

happy tower Happy Tower
This tycoon game challenges you to build one big happy tower. Build accommodations and hire staff to serve the visitors. Don't be affraid to roll up your sleeves! Some cleaning and maintenance tasks you have to do yourself! Have fun playing this colorful sim from the makers of Resort Empire.

love potions Love Potions
Design and create love potions for the princess so she can finally start dating to find a suitable prince. However, love potions do not always give the wanted results.. Play this funny workshop game to find out!

earrings workshop Earrings Workshop
Design and create your own collection of exclusive earrings with ease. In the fun and free earrings workshop, with simular name, your can combine various shapes with one or more of the six different gems. Create beautiful results and display them in the showroom.

elegant manicure Elegant Manicure
A complete manicure for every fingers. File, polish and decorate the nails with colors and decoratons, just the way you want it. Various colors, polish and accessories are available to use.

crazy wheels Crazy Wheels
Build and modify your car in the garage and take it out on various wicked tracks. Earn money for upgrades and better cars by finishing as one of the first three drivers. Overall Crazy Wheels is a fun and addictive side-scrolling racing game with a lot of options!

caribbean admiral Caribbean Admiral
Rebuild a powerful fleet and rescue your little pirate sister after she was kidnapped during strange encounter with a powerful ghost ship. Enjoy 12 different ships each with lots of upgrades. Loot pirates and slay their bosses. Visit 10 towns on your caribbean journey!

make me breathtaking Make Me Breathtaking
A total makeover to turn an average girl into a stunning and international breathtaking model. Make use of various tools available such as masks, hairstyling tools, makeup products, clothes, dresses, shoes, powders and more.

shockbots Shockbots
Shockbots is a high speed shoot em up taking place in some sort of robotic sch-fi dungeon. Gather new weapons and power ups to improve your survival chances and fire power. Harvest resources to become strong enough to take on the 3 massive bosses to escape.

make me fierce Make Me Fierce
Use a set of various beauty tools like hairstyling tools and clothes to create a fierce and bold look. Work imperfections away with funny beauty masks, foundation and makeup layer.

squash aubergine salad Squash Aubergine Salad
In this free flash game you can learn to cook squash and aubergines into a delicious salad by playing this online girl game. Use the various ingredients and tools that are already included in the game.

pop singing star Pop Singing Star
Sheila has a lot of fun singing! Pick some cool accessories and put her on the stage to impress everyone with her amazing singing skills. This game has a lot of talent!

icecream frenzy 2 Icecream Frenzy 2
Are you ready to help Lisa one more time with her icecream business? In this simulation game you need to serve the customers, upgrade the equipment and unlock all achievements.

galaxy siege Galaxy Siege
Build, upgrade and command your own spaceship and launch is as far as possible to capture the galaxy. Gather minerals and space resources to buy new modules for your ship to destroy strong alien bases.

heroes empire Heroes Empire
Raise armies, siege towns and capture cities to drive away the corrupted soldiers out of the rune kingdom. Heroes empire is a RPG driven strategy game with engaging storyline and over 20 provinces to conquer. Gather your best man, its time for war!

retroball Retroball
A quick and simple retro take on the game Breakout. Go through fifteen levels by breaking all the different types of blocks, while collecting power-ups to aid you.

eyelashes club Eyelashes Club
This funny online workshop alows you to create truely your own fake eyelashes by combining various shapes, colors and materials. Instantly test your new creations before the mirror.

resort empire Resort Empire
Build your own resort themepark in this detailed and fun isometric simulation game. Keep the visitors happy, relaxed and spending to earn enough money for upgrades, staff members and new buildings.

island network Island Network
In this funny and colorful puzzle flash game you have to connect all the tribes by building bridges. Each island must have a certain number of bridges connected to it, and all islands must join together in one network.

fantasy carnage Fantasy Carnage
Ultra fast shoot em up game. Dr. Lee is dropped in a fantasy world with colorful, but deadly, monsters. Pickup various weapon types to obtain more firepower to stay alive in this wicked, dangerous, fantasy world.

hospital frenzy 2 Hospital Frenzy 2
Here it is again, the cute hospital is back with a lot things happening, more docters, more equipment, a real rescue helicopter and even a lot more upgrades. Take good care of the patients and run the hospital smoothly.

steel dangers Steel Dangers
A fast topdown shoot em up. Own your own battle robot, go out and hunt enemies, grab the money and upgrade your armor, ammo, engine and weapons to unlock more brutal firepower!

spinning for love Spinning For Love
In this funny dating game you need to spin the wheel of love three times to shuffle your outfit. The final date will be revealed later at the end of the game, who will it be?!

humming bird cake Humming Bird Cake
Making your own cake is always big fun. By playing this cooking game you will learn how to prepare a humming bird cake. A light weight and delicious kind of cake. Use the mouse cursor to play this free online girl game.

aerobics girl Aerobics Girl
This funny aerobics girl is busy doing exercises all day long. The objective of this dress up flash game is to give her a sporty and easy to wear outfit so so is ready to dance and workout once more.

monstercraft Monstercraft
Breed your own army of monsters and robots by combining parts and DNA to create a powerful team. Hunt for monsters, breed better ones and become a champion of the monster arena.

cat house club Cat House Club
Figure out and build a unique cat house for each of the 3 cats. Carefully pick a shape, material and decoration and put them together. In this girl game you can figure out the correct combination by listening to the kitty cats ideas. Have fun!

steak kidney pie Steak Kidney Pie
Cooking a good steamed steak kidney pie with proper suet pastry is a glorious thing, and almost worth delaying spring for. What else do you do with kidneys, find out by cooking yourself in this fun online cooking flash game.

tales dress up elf Tales Dress Up Elf
Dress Up Tales is an exclusive girlgamespink.com game that will take you into the magical fairy forest. In this forest live many elves that need a little help to dress up and find their personal style. Apply beauty masks, make up, hairstyles, clothes and more to find the best looks for Elf.

dog pets Dog Pets
Make a new comfy dog house for each of the three pups by figuring out which kind of materials, colors, textures and decorations to use. Dog Pets is a funny pet memory game that requires you to puzzle and be creative.

sunset flavors Sunset Flavors
Build your own cocktail bar on the beach by serving cool cold drinks to the visitors. Unlocking new equipment and recipes. Have fun mixing and serving the coolest drinks in the world and become famous.

frenzy hotel Frenzy Hotel
In the management game Frenzy Hotel you must serve the customers of a hotel. Reception, rooms, diner and all other stuff are your tasks. Make enough money and buy upgrades to improve your hotel.

treehouse builder Treehouse Builder
Mary asked her dad to help build a tree house. Now he has to figure out what the girls really want! Use the mouse to create various treehouses in this creative online game.

make me stunning Make Me Stunning
In this fashion game your task is to help a girl with the right beauty tips to become a stunning super model. Use various make up products, hairstyling tools, beauty masks and clothes to turn this average looking girl into a true beauty.

ground fire Ground Fire
Gound Fire is a sideviewed stage shooter with 27 upgradable turrets and 21 different attacking enemies. Repel the incoming invaders from your territory and buy upgrades for your towers between the rounds to unlock heavy firepower.

butter raisin buns Butter Raisin Buns
Make fresh butter and raisin buns by playing this fun cooking flash game. These small buns are making a tiny breakfast or delicious mid-day snack that you can eat at work, school or just at home. And they taste absolutely divine.

konkey dong Konkey Dong
Play as the evil chimp throwing barrels at the Italian invaders. In this funny classic remake of the original Donkey Kong you have to make sure that noone steals your kidnapped princess.

squidy 2 Squidy 2
Help Squidy to make a dangerous travel through the canyons, northpole and even outer space to get to his far-away grandma's birthday party.

the royal makeover The Royal Makeover
Create a complete makeover to turn an average poor quality girl into a true royal princess. Start with an orange beauty mask, makeup, hairstyling and finish with a royal dress up in style.

deepsea hunter Deepsea Hunter
Get on your submarine and make it go all the way down to the deepest parts of the ocean. Hunt for new creatures before your submarine gets a depleted fuel tank.

lovelicious Lovelicious
In this online management girl game you run a new restaurant in town named Lovelicious. With such a name the stakes are high! Prepare the best cupcakes and earn upgrades for your kitchen. Make the customers happy and reach all daily goals.

make coconut cake Make Coconut Cake
Cocnuts are great for making tasty drinks, candy bars and cocktails but did you know a coconut is also the perfect fruit for making cake? Play this online cooking game and be suprised how easy it is to prepare a coconut cake; and it taste very good as well!

bad piggies Bad Piggies
The bad piggies from Angry Birds united and released their own crazy flash game. In this free online flash game you have to help the naughty pigs to create wooden machines with various parts to propel them towards the goal.

christmas sweeper Christmas Sweeper
A match-3 puzzle game with Christmas theme. Gather enough presents and break the indicated tiles to complete each of the 20 winter levels inside this game. Funny Games wishes you a merry christmas and a happy new year!

racing academy Racing Academy
Learn the intricacies of racing directly from the best drivers in the Mobil 1 Racing Academy. Race the World Champion Lewis Hamilton Vodafone McLaren and more yourself in this fun and free online racing simulator. The game requires the 3d unity web plugin to play.

frenzy hotel 2 Frenzy Hotel 2
Help Lisa to run all departments of the Frenzy Hotel and earn money to reach daily goals, upgrade the hotel and unlock new locations. The frenziest hotel is back with more rooms, bigger swimming pool and even a fully managed restaurant!

make me fab Make Me Fab
Use various beauty masks, make up products, hairstyle tools, clothes and accessories to turn this average looking girl into a fabulous one! Have fun playing this funny make over game.

catelyns beaty salon Catelyn Beauty Salon
Use various tools, products, clothes and other things to eliminate all the weak spots in Catelyn's appearance. Give her a total beauty make over and turn this girl into a super model!

spongebob superstacker Spongebob Superstacker
Keep slicing and stacking your favorite yellow cartoon Spongebob in this stacker game. This game is not a normal stacker game but has mega stackings resulting in a 'super stacker'. Have fun playing the game, it's very funny.

yummy nuts Yummy Nuts
Slice the strings and collect the nuts to feed little squirrel. Yummy Nuts is arope based physics simulation with some unique features like piggies, bouncing bumpers and chunks of weight. If you enjoyed the wildly popular mobile game 'Cut the rope' this game is for you!

zombie horde Zombie Horde
In this funny zombie game the player needs to resurrect dead humans to raise and lead an undead army. Be carefull for the armed troops on the battlefield later on!

feed with brains Feed With Brains
Deliver the brains to a cute little zombie with an unusual appetite. Feed With Brains is a funny physic-based skill game based on zombies and scissors. Use the scissors chop ropes in 30 levels. Work your way through bloons, bombs, stars and ropes and more.

sea angel Sea Angel
Help cute pink sea creature to discover the wonders of the ocean. The longer you survive, the faster you will become! Complete Missions to increase your score multiplier, and stay alive to discover the wonders of the ocean together with Sea Angel.

mustached driller Mustached Driller
A casual and very addictive miner game. Help the mustached driller to drill into the underground searching for various ores. Upgrade gear and unlock elevators to go deeper and deeper, searching for rare and more expensive stones.

cheering girl Cheering Girl
This cheering girl is part of an elite cheerleader team that compete against other cheerleader teams from all over the world. Make sure she will steal the show with a spectacular appearance. A button dress up game to play.

papas hotdoggeria Papas Hotdoggeria
Flipline studios has brought papa back into another game titled papas hot doggeria! This time your at a baseball stadium and you tried getting in to watch the game but the line was too long and the stadium was packed, solution? SELL HOT DOGS!

knights and cannons Knights And Cannons
A medieval turn-based strategy game, featuring knights, cannons and other early fire-arms. Defend your homeland, raise armies, invade countries, capture cities and gain victory!

girl fashion salon Girl Fashion Salon
Start with a relaxing silly beauty facial mask. Use makeup products and various hairstyles. Finish this makeover with some elegant and fancy clothes. Have fun!

fondant cupcakes Fondant Cupcakes
Cupcakes can be made in many different ways. In this cooking game you decorate cupcakes with buttercream, fondant frosting and other toppings, Use the ingredients and tools added inside the game and have fun!

dress up kristen stewart Dress Up Kristen Stewart
This game is staring Kristen Stewart. Mainly famous for her role in the Twilight movies. Use various makeup products, hairstyles, shoes, pants and accessories to make her a pretty girl.

crazy_pandas Crazy Pandas
Try to shoot all the pandas before they can return fire. Use various weapons to shoot at the parachuting little pandas, or they will shoot back! This game is a funny, happy and trigger happy shooter.

bubble friends Bubble Friends
Bubble Friends is a happy and colorful casual flash game. The objective is to use floating bubbles to push the crabs safely on the beach and the fishes into the sea. Have fun playing this sunny game on the beach.

strawberry cheesecake Strawberry Cheesecake
Laura and her friends are having fun creating their own strawberry cheesecakes. If you want you can join the fun and create your own cupcakes. It is recommended to use only fresh strawberries for the best results. Use the mouse to play this girl game.

scarlett johansson Scarlett Johansson
A dress up game that allows you to work with the famous movie star Scarlett Johansson. She featured in several worldwide movies, like the Avengers, mostly playing as super hero girls. Apply various outfits, pants, shoes, makeup styles and hairstyles to make her look pretty.

happily ever after Happily Ever After
Jessica has been choosen by her friend, the bride and groom, to treat their invited guests for 8 hours wedding ceremonial. Jessica's father, as the chef will help to cook the dish. serve the dish to the bride and groom, and the invited guests cheerfully, and keep them happy.

tea sandwiches Tea Sandwiches
A great online recipe to create small and delicious tea sandwiches, perfect to cheer up a high tea event. This online game will teach you how to cook yummy sandwiches. Have fun!

mecha arena Mecha Arena
A great robot simulation game. Build, manage and upgrade your own battle mecha. Train the rider, buy new parts, find sponsors and win the championship to become the ultimate mecha rider.

spaceman vs monsters Spaceman Vs Monsters
After a long space journey the entire crew has been captured by evil but funny looking monsters. Help the spaceman to rescue himself and his crew by using various funny weapons.

sun hop Sun Hop
Sun Hop is a happy game with an upbeat aesthetic. Use one button to jump from rock to rock to ignite the sun in every level.

farm pets Farm Pets
Try to figure out the perfect house for each animal at the farm. A funny and colorful flash game that allows you to construct houses, hopefully you can make one for each of the farm pets!

fresh berry tart Fresh Berry Tart
In this online cooking game you can prepare a fresh berry tart with hand picked berries from the forest. The recipe will explain how to create a pie crust. Kitchen tools and ingredients included.

bone collector Bone Collector
Help the little caveman to find his way by doing a combination of platform running and physic slicing. You can slice the platform to create alternate pathways.

prince and princess Prince And Princess
In this lovely dress up game for girls the prince propose to the princess. Right after a romantic private dinner at the Palace. Make this memorable moment special with the right hairstyle, colors and outfit.

chip cookies Chip Cookies
Cooking Chip Cookies never been so funny. In this free online cooking game you can bake the chocolate chip cookies yourself.

54 dead miles 54 Dead Miles
54 Dead Miles is a free uphill truck racer and zombie game. The objective is to upgrade your ride to go on a zombie splatter rampage. Earn money and upgrade the engine, wheels, controls and fuel tank.

double win Double Win
Solve all the situation in this funny puzzle platformer by making the two yellow creatures cooperate. Make your way through this wonderful game with 18 levels, 4 movies and 2 unique heroes to unravel the unexpected ending.

frenzy bar Frenzy Bar
Serve various drinks and dishes to the customers. Finish the orders in time to keep all the customers pleased. Earn new recipes, upgrades and menus for the kitchen by reaching the daily goals. Have fun!

dancing princess Dancing Princess
Give the romantic royal dance couple a sparkling dress up. Have fun making thousands of clothing combinations for both the prince and his princess.

salam Salam
Play as a demon hunter try to find out the mysteries behind the missing hunters in a ancient city and your task is to save them out by destroy the evil demons who behind this.

mario lost in space Mario Lost In Space
Your mission in this funny physical game Mario Lost In Space is to help our Nintendo hero to land. Use the arrow keys to guide Mario's bill blaster safely onto the landing platform.

cakepops maker Cakepops Maker
Make cakepops in this popular cakepop maker, cakepops are a small cake on a stick and very popular creative recipe. Use the mouse to apply ingredients and tools. Have fun!

regular show fist punch Regular Show Fist Punch
The Night Owl has kidnapped Margaret for his Future Museum. Now Mordecai and Rigby must stop him the only way they know how: Death Kwon Do! Defeat the evil Night Owl and save Margaret!

spy fashion Spy Fashion
This girl is a real spy; always on her guard and looking for information. In this dress up game you get down to this spy giving her an easy, sporty and elegant look. Try and deliver a quality spy outfit so she can do her job undetected.

beef broccoli cooking Beef Broccoli Cooking
A fun recipe to create yourself. Cook a broccoli dish with beef. Add the sesame oil, oyster sauce, sherry, soy sauce, sugar, and cornstarch in a bowl, and stir until the sugar has dissolved. Kitchen are included in the game.

sonic lost in mario world Sonic Lost In Mario World
Sonic the hedgehog stepped into a strange vortex and ended up in the mario bros game world. Not so bad, now the best of 2 worlds are combined in one fast paced platformer game with the cute Mario World backgrounds that we all recognize

dog house club Dog House Club
Design and build three dog houses with wood, brick or metal. Add a small decoration to finish the construction and see if each doggy likes your creations. have fun playing this cute pet house builder game.

super kissers Super Kissers
Super Kissers is a fun and online dress up game for girls. In this game you can design a romantic scene and take a kiss picture using the camera. Options to style both the boy and girl with custom designed clothes.

make orange cake Make Orange Cake
This funny cooking flash game is about making orange cakes. Follow the instructions, use the tools and ingredients already included and prepare the cake yourself. Have fun playing the game.

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